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Now anyone can own a piece of a profitable turn-key real estate brokerage business –– and earn BIG returns –– with as little as a $5,000 unit purchase.

The conventional real estate management model of the past 50 years has created a closed” market that limits ownership of most real estate brokerage businesses to "insiders" –– licensed real estate brokers with real estate sales backgrounds – and has kept the real estate brokerage business largely a “mom & pop” industry.

But that is about to change with the TREBB (Turn-key Real Estate Brokerage Business). TREBB opens the door for passive investors with no or limited backgrounds in real estate to acquire ownership interests in real estate brokerage businesses.

TREBB applies centralized, professional management principles and modern technology services to ordinary "mom and pop" real estate companies to help produce yields that greatly exceed returns typically earned in traditional real estate investments (i.e., apartments, rentals, condos, timeshares, etc.).

The following tour (15 slides) explains to potential investors how they can own a real estate brokerage business, formerly the domain of licensed real estate brokers, and reap returns whether real estate values are rising or falling.