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The Next Step...
The TREBB launch in any market area begins with Realty Office Business Brokers who will enlist a local brokerage company and designate that owner as a Market Area Director.

Upon its opening, Realty Office Business Brokers will also begin sourcing local broker-owners to participate in similar TREBB conversions or the outright sale of their companies.

The entire CRS system will be used to grow the TREBB offices into a chain of successful real estate businesses that will eventually participate in the bulk sale Unified Exit Plan.
Accredited Investors
If you have $5,000 to $$7,000 – and find double-digit returns attractive – take the next step by downloading and reading a 3-page whitepaper that will introduce you to the specifics of purchasing an interest in a TREBB office.
If you have an interest in applying the TREBB business model to your existing real estate office – please read the "Full Picture Presentation" page to see several examples of the ways brokers can pick and choose a strategy for their own participation.