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Unified Exit Plan — 8 Years / 30 offices / $60M — The BIG Sale!

* All projections are based on data and information believed to be reliable, but the accuracy of which cannot be guaranteed. As with any investment, consult your advisor before making the decision to invest. This information is confidential and not for public distribution. This is not an offer to sell securities but is for informational purposes only. CRS/Realty Office Business Brokers disclaims any responsibility for any general advertising or public distribution of this information.

For Passive Investors:

  • Buy in at typically $5,000 to $7,000 purchase price per unit.

  • Can expect projected annual earnings of $1,350 per unit.*

  • May purchase a unit in any TREBB office in which the broker-owner offers units for sale.

  • Can expect distribution for new office units approximately 10 months from initial buy-in.

  • Can expect immediate cashflow for buy-in on existing office units.
For Broker-owners:

  • LIttle, if any, investment for brokers.

  • Provides transition from active management to passive investment.

  • May sell any portion of their brokerage, at any time, to passive investors.

  • May use the cash received from investors to generate expansion capital or provide retirement cash, etc.

  • Provides residual income for life on all retained agents.

  • Provides a way for the real estate brokerage's agents/employees to invest in their company.

Opportunity Highlights