Real Estate Industry Facts
  • There are 170,000 real estate brokerage offices in the USA.
  • Almost two-thirds (65.6%) of broker-owners are male.
  • The average broker-owner age is 53.6 years old. 
  • Over half of all broker-owners are at, near, or beyond retirement age.
  • By law, every real estate brokerage office is required to have an on-site,  licensed broker-manager to supervise the activities of its agents. 

Real Estate Industry Trends
  • Real estate firm owners routinely hire brokers (managers) to supervise their offices so the owners can handle administration, bookkeeping, and strategic planning.
  • Traditionally, owners pay these managers fixed salaries plus incentive bonuses based on sales and/or office profitability.
  • Applicants for these positions were likely good agents – perhaps even great agents – who want to step up to management.
  • Unfortunately, most are untrained and ill-equipped to manage real estate brokerage businesses. In fact, being a good sales producer doesn't guarantee one's success in a management role.

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