The Developer

An entrepreneur from a young age, Mark Palmero L'Boe
started his first business in 1973 that grew to one of the|
largest foreign-car automotive centers in the Midwest. It was here that his creative
marketing skills and ability to organize and systematize business processes took form.

Mark is now a 22-year veteran real estate sales entrepreneur. As the owner of
Realty-24 since 1987, his career has spanned three economic downturns and each time his business emerged better, stronger and more successful. He has become known as the "real estate marketing guru," working relentlessly to develop marketing tools designed to increase agent productivity.

Serving as a professional recruiter, trainer and co-manager for a Century 21 office, his marketing tools helped guide them to profitability through the recession of the early 1990's.

When he returned to personal sales production, armed with the many marketing tools he personally developed, he sold an average of two homes per week – one every two and a half business days – with a peak of 126 closings in a single year, more than 12 times the industry average of 10 per year. He achieved this feat working completely alone, without pooling the production of a team of assistants and buyers agents. To this day it remains the record for the highest per-person unit sales of any unassisted single agent in St. Louis – for single-family residential resales.

In 2005, he took a sabbatical from active real estate sales to redirect his experience and entrepreneurial creativity and take his career to the next level. Working as the chief architect and with a team of talented advisors for almost five years, culminated in the founding of a real estate brokerage business management company called Compass Realty Systems or “CRS” for short.

Mark L'Boe can be reached at (314) 414-1111 or by email.     Click for full Bio
Mark Palmero L'Boe, St. Louis MSA Director
Example A
Broker A prefers to sell his brokerage business outright for a negotiated cash value...
$135K Net Annual Profit Distribution *

For more info visit or contact Realty Office Business Brokers offers brokerage owners a more profitable way to sell their business and/or retire; by turning over daily management to a professional third-party brokerage management company; and joining a network of brokers who participate in a Unified Exit Plan that maximizes net proceeds when selling their business.

The residential real estate office where the various CRS concepts were tested is now the prototype TREBB conversion office. The first goal is to build this office to 50 productive agents using a combination of individual agent recruiting and an open invitation to other like-minded small brokerage owners looking expand their potential using the CRS/TREBB business model. 

Private capital investors are invited to participate in the growth, profits, and Unified Exit Plan described in the examples below.

Compass Realty Systems will assist participating brokerage owners in the conversion of their  independent brokerage offices to the TREBB model. 

Any participating broker to the left and above (except Broker A)
will participate in the eventual CRS Unified Exit Plan.

The CRS TREBB business plan is to grow the St. Louis network
to 30+ locations and achieve a collective market share of 30% to 40% –– likely enough to attract a corporate buy-out offer that rivals the $62M Cendant/NRT paid for Gordon Gundaker's company in 2001. We call our plan "Chasing Gordon". (Visit for more information).

Broker-owners and potential investors should contact
Bob Vanderselt, an independent business broker
representing Realty Office Business Brokers of St. Louis.
Bob can be reached at (314) 414-4242.

This is a golden opportunity to participate in this paradigm-shifting approach to owning a passive interest in a residential real estate brokerage business.  For more info download our white paper that will introduce you to the specifics of purchasing an interest in a TREBB Office.
TREBB investors
purchase up to 60%
owns 40%
Broker D owns a profitable office and sells 60 units of his existing TREBB office (#1) and opens #2.

Broker D retains 40% ownership of each TREBB for eventual sale under the CRS Unified Exit Plan.
Your outsourced,
on-site broker manager
Products, Programs, Services, Systems For Real Estate

These programs are just some of the innovative products, programs, services and systems in place to help TREBB offices and their agents produce at the highest levels while providing premium service to their clientele.

(Each LOGO below is clickable and links to a standalone website)
The first TREBB model will be prototyped in St. Louis, Missouri...

TREBB-Managed Office Pro Forma Stats: 
  • 50 Agents per office
  • 6 closed transaction sides per agent (low, conservative annual average)
  • 300 closed transactions per office, per year
  • $135K projected net annual profit available for distribution to owners/investors after all costs, management fees and performance bonuses are paid.

Industry Facts:
  • There are 170,000 brokerage offices in the USA.
  • 1,200+ offices exist in the 7-county St. Louis MSA (MO side).
  • 600+ offices employ 4 or more agents.
  • Most are candidates and could benefit from adopting the CRS TREBB business model.

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Example D
Broker D utilizes a leap-frog approach to open several TREBB office locations:

When Broker D's TREBB is operating at full capacity, he sells 60 units for cash.

He uses the proceeds to open his TREBB #2 and when it reaches full pipeline, he sells another 60 units and opens TREBB #3.

Broker D continues opening additional TREBBs using the partial sale of TREBBs to open each new location.
Investors' owns 100%
$135K Net Annual Profit Distribution *
Example C
Broker C converts his existing brokerage business to a TREBB keeping 100% of  ownership and profits...
Investors' 50%
Broker's 50%
Example B
Broker C converts his existing brokerage business to a TREBB and sells 1/2 of his ownership to our private capital investor network.
Broker owns 100%
$135K Net Annual Profit Distribution *
When office #2 reaches profitability Broker D sells 60 units and opens #3.
When office #3 reaches profitability Broker D sells 60 units and opens #4.
$135K Net Annual Pro Forma Earnings *
Owner sells their business for a negotiated cash amount and optionally takes a Mgt role:
Owner receives $250K to $350K cash and retains 50% ownership:
Owner sells no portion of their business:
* Net annual passive ownership earnings to the broker-owner are in addition to separate earnings based on personal sales production, management salaries, overrides, and bonuses.

All projections are based on data and information believed to be reliable, but the accuracy of which cannot be guaranteed. As with any investment, consult your advisor before making the decision to invest. This information is confidential and not for public distribution. This is not an offer to sell securities but is for informational purposes only. CRS/Realty Office Business Brokers disclaims any responsibility for any general advertising or public distribution of this information.
Owner "leapfrogs" to multiple locations using CRS TREBB investor's capital: